Short about me

Mike van den Berg, former IFBB fitness/bodybuilding photographer. Always a passionate traveller and landscape photographer. After school, at the age of 20, travelled around Europe with a small tent and a disposable camera by hitchhiking, discovering landscapes, cultures and making the life time adventures. Falling in love in the power of capturing greatest moments of the travel.

After a few years of travelling, I decided to stay in the Netherlands where I met my future wife. Since then, we do not do anything else then saving money to travel. So far we travelled most of the time in our favourite places in Norway. We also have seen other places as Iceland, Canada or Columbia and many other European country’s. Mountains are our passion and what we love the most. At this moment we are going to make a lifetime expirience. Overlanding the Balkans and the Stans.

How it’s going to be and how we are going to end up? You can be ready to follow us on this page, instagram and facebook.

I’m acctually curious myself as well šŸ˜€

See You on the road!!

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